Gentlemanly inspired sportswear and tailored clothing and Wofford College inspired items all wrapped up with the best Southern fried services. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, menswear for more that 115 years.

From its inception, Prices has enjoyed a relationship with Wofford College and its students. Our custom products for Wofford include ties, bowties, belts, keychains, cufflinks, wallets, and tee shirts. Licensed and exclusively ours, Wofford receives a portion of each sale.

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A man and woman standing next to a Wofford statue

Peter Millar. Onward Reserve. Southern Tide. Johnnie-O. Riomar. Saxx. Tom Beckbe. Barbour. Meripex. Smathers and Branson. Brackish. Braeval. Aftco. Jack Black. Royal Highnies. Jack Victor. Psycho Bunny.