Prices' has enjoyed a 110 year relationship with Wofford College and its students. Our custom products for Wofford include ties, belts, key chains, cufflinks, wallets, cumberbund sets, and tee shirts. Licensed and exclusively ours, Wofford receives a portion of each sale.

Wofford College:

A man and woman standing next to a Wofford statue

Old Main Needle Point Valet Tray

by Smathers & Branson

Tray - $85

Wofford Landscape Needle Point Belt

by Smathers & Branson

Belt - $175
Keychain - $32.50

Terrier Ribbon
Belts and Key Chains

Gold Belt - $52.50
Black Belt - $29.50
Key Chain - $15.00

Terrier Needle Point

by Smathers and Branson

Belt - $165.00
Hat - $38.00
Cuff links - $55.00
Wallet - $115.00
Key Chain - $30.00

Woven Silk Terrier Tie

by R. Hanauer (Made in SC)

Navy Diagonal Design - $95.00

Terrier Needle Point

by Smathers & Branson

Magnetic Bottle Opener - $35
Leather-Trimmed Coozie - $29.50
Belt - $165.00.
Hat - $38.00.
Wallet - $115.00.
Cuff Links - $55.00
Key Chain - $30.00 (not shown in picture)
Cuff Links - $55.00

Terrier Needle Point

by Smathers and Branson

Coasters - $75.00
Brackish Wofford Bow Tie - $195.00

Wofford College DOGS
Tee Shirt

by Southern Proper

White or Steel Gray - $36.00








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